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Bilberry & Heather Candle Tin

Bilberry & Heather Candle Tin


Wild notes of moorland bilberry and cloudberry infused with romantic ling and bell heather. A windswept fragrance of fruity, woody and mossy notes with whispers of black pepper.

Candles are vegan friendly and our fragrances are not tested on animals. All our candles are made by hand with each candle individually hand poured in Britain.

To get the best from your candle trim the wick to 5 mm before every burn and burn the candle for up to 3 hours each time to melt all the wax surface. Please follow the safe use instructions on the base of each candle.

Burn time: up to 14 hours

Dimensions: approx. 7cm (d) x 4.2 cm (h)

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